Lash kit - DI06

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Anya's Studio Lash kit - DI06

💕Description & How to use

    Contains with 1 box of lash Clusters, 1 lash brush, 1 lash glue - Bond & Seal, 1 lash glue remover, 1 lash applicator.

    1. Application:

      1. Prepare Lashes:

        • Ensure makeup and oil-free, clean, and dry lashes.
        • Apply "Bond" to natural lashes, focusing on the cluster base.
        • Wait 30 seconds for the bond to become tacky.
      2. Cluster Application:

        • Gently peel cluster from tray.
        • Use lash applicator to lift cluster against natural lashes.
      3. Sealing & Setting:

        • Apply 'Seal' to upper and lower sides with a dabbing motion.
        • Wait 5 minutes for the cure; repeat if needed.
        • Clamp lashes with Lash Applicator for security.


      1. Use Remover:

        • Brush remover wand along lashes, focusing on bond areas.
        • Wait 30 seconds for bond dissolution.
      2. Cluster Removal:

        • Slide clusters downward using a cotton pad.
        • Brush through lashes with the remover wand.
        • Remove any residue with a cotton pad.

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